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Some contractors offer $199 Air Duct Cleanings or even lower. However, the problem is that you can't get a quality  Air duct cleaning for that cheap price without sacrificing quality.  Contractors will use  these low prices to get you to let them into your home.  The idea is that they get into your home to look for big obvious problems that they can charge you to fix or replace.  

Air Duct Wizard are much more thorough, we inspect for damaged and disconnected ducting, sealed boots, and dirty registers. We also inspect your furnace & Air filters to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is clean and runs efficiently to maximize your energy cost savings and to make sure you and your family are breathing healthy air


Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Keeping your dryer vents clean is important for a number of reasons which include not only energy savings but safety. A dryer works by pushing out hot, moist air so your clothes can dry. If your dryer vent to the outside becomes blocked by lint, the air will not be able to expel moisture like it was designed to do.

Air Duct Cleaning Guide

Don't let the dust filled air system,😷 It causes you breathing problems. This is a very common condition of every home that we service. A full cleaning should take place every two to three years. All of our work is guaranteed to have a satisfied customer and the air system cleaned to standard.

*Service Include

1# Cleaning of all the Ducts + All Vents ( Hot and Cold from top to the basement

2# Sanitize Air Duct System 

3# Basic Furnace Cleaning

(1) Residents with allergies and asthma
(2) Smoker in the household ·
(3) Hair and dander from pet
(4) High heating bills
(5) On going renovations
(6) A new addition to the family
(7) Or moving into a new home .

You will pay the money after the services when all the work will be done and you'll be fully happy & satisfied. 


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